DBX; the first SUV by Aston Martin. Created to embody all of the attributes of this iconic sports car manufacturer whilst delivering a level of luxury and usability never before enjoyed in an Aston Martin.

A special DBX

The last place I expected to commit my mind to speccing a DBX was in a barren desert on the outskirts of Muscat. But there I was, on the world’s first prototype drive of this remarkable machine, utterly blown away by the sheer breadth of ability Aston Martin had managed to engineer into their first SUV. On the road it drives like a Vantage on stilts thanks to one of the most sophisticated anti-roll systems I’ve experienced on any car. At the press of a button DBX adapts to almost any terrain you can throw at it - allowing you to drift across ragged desert roads like being on the Dakar rally only, with a lot more luxury! Together with Q by Aston Martin, we have created a production run of truly special DBX with a spec that is timeless and practical but with the exclusivity and style I associate with special edition Aston Martins.

A special DBX

Q Badge

“What you’ve achieved with our badge is like going to Chanel and asking them to flip the C’s”
Marek Reichman ~ Chief Creative Officer, Aston Martin
Q badge Q badge

The unique badge that adorns the DBX Q by Aston Martin & JWW is hand crafted in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter by the artisans at Vaughtons, a 200 year old jeweller where all Aston Martin’s badges are made.

Originally inspired by the wings of a Scarab beetle, the Aston Martin badge has become one of the most iconic and prestigious symbols in the automotive industry. Therefore, the proposal by MrJWW to adapt it exclusively for the design of this special edition DBX was unprecedented. Requiring approval from the highest level, it is a rare and enormous honour to be able to assign unique wings to the DBX.

Hewn from an ingot of solid copper, stamped under 350 tonnes of pressure, fired to 800ºc and finally each example hand polished to unveil a timeless, raw patina. The result is a truly exclusive emblem unlike anything Aston Martin has made before.

Q Paint

“The Xirallic pigment in this paint was exclusively manufactured in Onahama, Japan where it’s natural resource is found. The substance became incredibly rare after the 2011 tsunami closed production at the factory”
Richard Bosworth ~ Chief Paint Engineer

One of the most compelling features of the design of the DBX is the incredible sculpture of the bodywork that distinguishes it as an Aston Martin. In order to emphasise these lines the Q team and JWW have pushed the boundaries of paint technology.

Q paint Q paint Q paint

Q Paint Choice

HWM logo


Based in Walton on Thames, just outside of London, HWM can be found in the same building they have occupied since 1948. It is a location where they started life constructing their own GP cars, running a race team along with creating a name for selling some of the finest automobiles. HWM has enjoyed a long and illustrious history with Aston Martin. As the world’s longest serving dealership, they have had the honour of handling some of the rarest and most beautiful Aston Martin’s over the last 70 years. Known for their involvement in selling special and limited run models, this project was an irresistible opportunity to support the creation of a beautiful and timeless DBX.

The DBX Q By Aston Martin is available to order exclusively from HWM.

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